What Oppo reno 6 Phone Has to Offer


The Oppo Rebo 6 Pro is the latest smartphone from Oppo, coming just 6 months following its predecessor. With a few minor design and memory refresh, the Oppo Reno 6 Pro really is not much different from its competitors. However, with its strong optics, its capabilities are standout. oppo reno 6

Like most smartphones of its class, the Oppo Rebo 6 Pro includes dual SIM tray, which offers easy access to both active and inactive sim cards. Users can easily switch between them with the help of the dedicated home key, as in the standard handset. There is also support for Google Android ecosystem, which further cements the device’s credentials as a powerful smartphone in terms of user experience. In addition, it supports Google Night mode, which is designed to reduce the battery consumption during the night hours.

In terms of battery life, the Oppo Rebo 6 promises a long time of mobile service. It features a high performance Super VOOC 2.0 coupled with an advanced lithium battery. This kind of battery life system ensures that you can fully utilize the power in the phone. One positive thing is that it offers fast charging and it is capable of fast charging most compatible batteries like the HTC Desire and iPhone 7 Plus.

As this Oppo smartphone is a mid-budget model, it performs well despite its low price. There are many users who would opt for other smartphones in the Oppo series, especially the Oppo Easia and Oppo Supercade. However, with it costing only $400, it is quite affordable in comparison to its competitors, like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7.

In terms of looks, the Oppo Reno 6 has a metallic body that looks quite nice. It also has a bezel-less display that gives a futuristic look to the device. It also comes with a two-tone multi-color screen and an 8 MP camera with laser focus. In fact, the camera functions well and provides good pictures.

What makes the Oppo Reno 6 worth its asking price is its unique features like the advanced Super VOOC 2.0, the rapid-charging feature, the long battery life and the fast charging feature. Users also appreciate the ability to enjoy internet and email while on the go. For all these reasons, the Oppo Rebo is a great buy. It offers a powerful device for those looking for a smartphone with high performance. The price tag does not disappoint its users either.