Value of Lesser Known Guest Amenities and Toiletries in a Hotel Room

In a hotel or resort some basic guest amenities and toiletries are provided that can be quite common such as, shampoos, conditioner, soaps, body lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet papers, etc. But hotels or resorts that succeed in leaving a deep impact on the minds of their guests yet giving them a positive guest experience provide some off-beat or in other words overlooked amenities and toiletries that are not so commonly used. The list may be very long depending upon the budget plan of the hotel and room tariff. 성남룸싸롱

When you imagine a hotel room you often visualize the sight of a bed, cable TV, phone, sofa, etc. These items convert into luxury items when the bed has a spring mattress, plasma or LCD television is provided or a phone is provided in every part of the room even in the bathroom, a luxury shower panel is fitted, etc. The list can go endless. Some amenities that are not so common and are provided by high-end hotels may include- ice buckets, cloth hangers, refrigerators with alcoholic beverages and other drinks, silver cutlery, luggage track, iron with iron board, hair dryers, vanity case, complimentary tea and sugar items with tea pot and other essentials, etc.

In case the guest requires ice for their drinks than a sturdy ice bucket is always welcomed. Most of the people start their morning with a cup of tea or coffee, hence in-room tea and coffee service is liked by most of the guests. These details can be very small but get noticed by the guests as these things contribute to their comfortable overall guest experience.

Guests who are on business trips would usually welcome things like writing pad with pen, ash trays, luggage track, hangers for hanging their business suits, iron with iron board, shaving kit, dental kit, shoe shine sponge, etc. People who travel with family would love to have these luxury and not so common amenities which can be further enhanced by adding products like- room slippers, bath robes, hair dryers, sewing kits, shower caps, nail care kits, sanitary bags, vanity kits, hair oil, match boxes, etc.

The hotel industry is very competitive where you need to target right and understand the expectations of the guests and provide them exactly that. The amenities that you provide should match your budget plan so that the balance is achieved. Hospitality industry experts’ advice, whatever and how much amenities you provide to your guests make it certain that quality is maintained as it speaks volume about your hotel and helps in impressing the guests. People always prefer hotels that maintain their quality of service and guest amenities. For example if you provide all luxury toiletries to your guests but the quality suffers than it’s of no use.