Plan Your New Year’s Resolutions to Succeed

Many of us like to use the New Year as an opportunity for reflection; on where we’ve been, what we’ve achieved and where we would like to progress in the forthcoming year.

For some this might be a time to establish health goals; to lose weight, cut back on new year wishes thoughts 2022 drinking, stop smoking, get fitter. For others there may be more personal development or career-related goals in mind, to do with skills enhancement, improved motivation, ways to focus on positive opportunities for success.

For resolutions to succeed though we have to be clear about a few things. Here are ways to plan your New Year’s resolutions to succeed:

– Decide that it’s Your goal, not someone else’s. Are you setting your goals based on other people’s hopes, dreams and wishes? It’s not as easy to stop smoking if you actually enjoy it but are you booking hypnotherapy to stop smoking out of a desire to please your partner or children? Find a personal advantage and result from your New Year’s resolution that gives you a buzz, a feeling of enthusiasm to persevere and as such, a greater likelihood of success.

– Write them down, People who write down their goals, New Year’s resolutions and wishes in a positively focussed way often succeed when others start to fall by the wayside. So ‘I am enjoying/I enjoy being a non-smoker’ means that you start to see yourself as you would like to be in the here and now, today. It makes them more real, more tangible rather than hopefully coming together at some vague, non-specific time in the future.

– Reward yourself along the way. It’s important to stop and congratulate yourself as mini-successes occur. It can be onerous to keep going without allowing a pause for recognition and appreciation of what you’ve done. Make sure you enjoy each small success.

– Ask for help, support, training if necessary. People are often happy to help, especially if they see that you are trying, are serious about your goal. Whether it be offering encouragement, sharing tasks, teaching you new skills, let others help. Include them in your endeavours. Let them do their bit to support you.

– Review your progress. A New Year’s resolution or goal may result in a variety of options as time progresses. Be prepared to modify your final vision if something better, more auspicious comes along. Being a little flexible allows you to enjoy what you’re doing and potentially revise where it ultimately leads.

Remember, reaching your goals, accomplishing your New Year’s resolution is a great result but don’t stop yourself there. Use your enthusiasm and motivation to continue moving yourself out of your comfort zone, availing yourself of new initiatives and ideas, being happy to take on further opportunities and challenges as a positive way to move forward, extend and grow. Enjoy the potential for new adventures and improved quality of life that your New Year’s resolution mindset brings.