Men Dating Women, Why Such A Chore?

Men Dating Women, When Did It Become a Chore?

The dance, as some call it. We all want to dance. Isn’t this what it’s all about? Men dating women? If we are in a relationship, we are all trying to figure out how to make it work or how to keep it working. คลิปโป๊

If we are not dating women than we are trying to figure out how to. And where to. The dance.

We do this until we die. The lucky ones find love. I still enjoy seeing an elderly couple holding hands and walking together like it was their first date. I guess it gives me hope. To the rest of us, much of the whole dating scene can be a chore.

Dating the ladies should be less of a chore. If dating women came easier to guys, the whole concept could be fun.

Many men are not good at it. This is why online dating is so big. Internet dating takes away the sometimes humiliating art of picking up women.

But isn’t that the natural way to meet women? You walk up and say something. Let’s get back to the natural way that men date women and explore the dating tips for guys necessary to make it fun again.

Date tip #1, Team up with a guy

Grab a guy friend. Don’ go it alone. This might mean limiting your golfing with your married buddies. Hit some single venues and reach out for single dudes, not just women. Having a wing man makes meeting women fun again. Now you can make plans to run into women. Take a Carnival Cruise, do a ski trip. It’s more fun with a wing man.

Date tip #2, Change your routine

Yes, change your routine. I know you go to the same places. We all do. This is nice to get things done but usually sucks to meet women. You’re now single. Do things and go to places where single people are going to be. Coffee at home? No. Starbucks. Dinner with your married friends on Saturday night? No. Wine tasting at a hip restaurant.