Carpel Tunnel Syndrome – Effects Of Long Term Office Work

Many people think carpal tunnel syndrome only occurs as a result of a sudden/ sharp twist, compression, or squeeze on the wrist area in which the median nerve runs through the carpal tunnel. Contrary to that believe, carpal tunnel syndrome can also occur as a result of forceful or repetitive use of the hand or wrist in a manner that causes the tunnel to shrink or compress. This cause if mostly common among people who carry out long term office work in an environment that is not setup correctly to avoid the illness. 오피

The effects of long term office work on anyone can be immense and carpal tunnel disorder is something that could result from that. It causes numbness and pain to the fingers and wrist. It can also result in chronic back pain which at the end of the day could cause sleepless nights. The numbness and pain means you wouldn’t be able to use your hand effectively, hence could force a short or long term layoff depending on how long it takes to treat it.

That said, in order to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome if you are involved in a long term office work, there are certain things you must do and do correctly. They are each discussed briefly in the following section.

Setup Your Work Environment

One of the most important steps is to make sure your work environment is setup such that it promotes good posture, especially if you need to be working for over 1-2 hours in one sitting. To do this, adjust the height and backrest of your chair such that your wrists aren’t bent downward as you type; you want them to rest on the table in from of the keyboard and mouse. Adjusting your work table is also a good idea in order to compliment the chair.